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Is my Apple Mac worth repairing? This is a question we get asked a lot. If your Mac was manufactured after 2009 then we say repair. In fact we are firm believers in Buy Use Repair.

All Things Mac believe that repairing and recycling your Apple Mac computers is definitely the best way forward. In fact we are passionate in our view that repairing your Apple Mac is first and foremost kinder to the planet. It also gives great value for money in getting you back up and running as quickly as possible.

There is a huge global market out there in recycled second hand Apple Mac parts ready and waiting to repair all your old Apple Mac computers. Repair your Mac with a recycled part at a fraction of the cost of new part. From keyboards to screens, power supplies to back lights.

Unfortunately spilling a drink over a Macbook Pro is one of our most common repair enquiries we get. Whilst Apple design their computers to withstand moisture they do not like having any quantity of liquid poured into them. Best thing to do in the event this happens is turn it off straight away and unplug any power, then leave it well alone ideally somewhere warm and dry. As crazy as it sounds place the computer in rice. Yes it really does work, or even better a bunch of those little annoying packets of Silica Gel you get with stuff you buy. These are ideal at drying out anything that has come into contact with liquid.

All Things Mac now also offers component level repair. Inside an Apple computer there are not actually that many individual parts that make up a complete Mac. With a non starting Mac commonly it can be just a burnt out resistor or failing chip on one of the circuit boards that have blown. Historically you would have had to throw away and replace these boards but with advances in technology we now offer a full component level replacement service again extending the life of your Mac.

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