Apple Mac upgrades for London Surrey and Sussex. Why buy a new Apple Mac when you can speed up your existing one? Would you like to run more applications at the same time? Did you know a solid state drive or SSD can speed up your Mac by up to 20 times. Installing more Ram or memory as it’s sometimes called will allow you to have more applications running at the same time

To get started we need the serial number of your Mac. This can be found in the top left hand Apple icon and the About this Mac drop down menu. Make a note of it and email us either at info@allthingsmac.co.uk or via our contact page. This will help us identify exactly what Mac you have so we can get right back to you with how we can speed up and upgrade your Mac.

If you are a professional user of applications like Creative Suite, Final cut Pro or Logic both these upgrades starting at around £300 will greatly speed up the way you do business on your Mac.

Even if you like a lot of Apple users just use your Mac for the internet, photos and emails. Upgrading to a solid state drive will give you faster internet page loading. Watching movies without the dreaded buffering or lagging. Making using your Apple Mac a much more enjoyable experience.

Upgrading to a solid state drive is like jumping forward 20 years in computing technology. Solid state upgrades really are a game changer. All Things Mac can fit and set up an SSD at the fraction of the cost of buying a new Apple Mac computer. Prices for a SSD upgrade start at £220.

Most Apple Mac computers older than 2008 can run Apple’s latest operating system. The same operating system as a brand new Mac from Apple. Apple computers do not need 3rd party anti virus software as Apple protect its computers and devices with their regular software updates. You can download Apples latest operating system free from the App store. Don’t forget to back up your data before you complete any upgrades.

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