SEO for Apple Mac Support and Repairs

OK so lets get back on the merry go round of SEO. It seems traffic to my website has slowed over the past few months and I’m back to trying to work out why. I spent most of yesterday emailing several companies that claim to be able to improve traffic to my website.  I must get 3 or 4 emails a day, normally from India again claiming to be able to improve traffic to my website. One of the first people to get back to me went on the most almighty sales rant with not much technical know how and the second reply was more technical but straight away wanted 40 pound, (yes that’s how it was written) to change a setting that would almost definitely improve traffic within a week. This is when my brain went fuzzy. Its like a minefield. Who do you trust with growing your online presence. You can get free reports all over the internet but they raise different issues and definitely don’t want to give anything for nothing. That’s not how I do business and I steer very firmly away from such business’s. As the owner of All Things Mac. I do a lot of freebie work not only to establish an ongoing relationship but because sharing is caring and I enjoy doing it. I’ve been in this industry for 21 years and there are two types of people in it. One that shares and predominantly one that definitely does not share. I am the latter.

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Building an online presence

In 4 years I have had two new websites built from scratch on the advice of different web developers. Some claim only to be designers and not SEO experts and some claim only to SEO experts normally sounding like builders who have recently stumbled into the world of SEO and now call themselves SEO experts baffling you with supposed facts about how the internet works or at least how they think it works. What gets me is every dam web developer says you need a complete redesign and then you have to spend upwards or £200 per month to start making a difference to something that should inherently work and continue to work. It just all feels scammy.

How do you make it work?

I am being told the best way to improve traffic to your website is to blog and this is exactly what I am doing and will do once a month as advised. This is apparently the best way to kick start your SEO. I will need to think about what I want to say. Structure it not forgetting to ad paragraphs with headings and definitely do not use a passive ‘voice’ in the writing. Always sound upbeat. Avoid long sentences. The list goes on including the use of signal words to help people grasp quickly the main idea of your blog. Don’t go above 700 words and not less than 300… Phew.. Blogging is like creating an organic soul within your website. It should be almost alive. FYI this word is number 516 so I have a little more to write before I’m done.

Free SEO Reports on the internet

Yesterday I used 123 Reg for a free SEO website report and my percentage was 45%. I made some changes as directed by the report and today I am up to 57% which has to be a good thing. These changes took around half and hour. Lets hope I see a positive change towards a stronger and ongoing improvement in traffic to my website. I guess only time will tell. Thanks always to those lovely people at for helping me get my head around all things web.

Lets see if things improve.

Keep on Macking

Jason Jones



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